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Integrative therapy can help you make the transformational changes that you seek but don’t know how.

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Why Integrative Therapy ?

Integrative therapy is a fusion of therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Person Centred Therapy , Solution Focussed, and Hypnotherapy.

Integrative Therapy allows clients to reap all the benefits of a combined therapeutic approach as opposssed to using one modality that doesn’t match your unique needs. It is not the role of the client to fit in with their therapists modality, but rather for the therapist to adapt to the client. Integrative therapy means the ability to draw on a range of approaches and tailor it to the client resulting in bespoke , personalised therapy.

“When you change the way you look at things ; the things you look at change .” Dr Wayne Dyer

Many of us have experienced difficulties in life that have resulted in uncertainty, anxiety, and loss of confidence. Mindful Living Therapies can help you work through the maze to get to the other side to regain control again. Mindful Living Therapies have clinics located throughout Birmingham  and Walsall providing  Hypnotherapy and Counselling. Therapy is a collaborative process that puts clients first.,  Whether  it’s a long standing phobia, or  loss of confidence, Mindful Living Therapies works partnership with clients to regain back control to move forward.

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