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“Therapy can not change your past; but it can change your future.”

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Embarking on personal therapy be it hypnotherapy or counselling can initially be daunting. You may have contemplated it before but for a host of reasons have put it off. You may naturally wonder and question “will it work for me?” Are the sessions confidential? Will I be understood? Such questions are normal. However making the intial step of looking through profiles can be the first step of freeing yourself. When you are dealing with issues such as low confidence, childhood trauma , anxiey, panic attacks and phobias , often you try to deal with it as best you can in the hope it may improve . For some people this works , but for many it doesn’t. There comes a time when you know in yourself : enough is enough. Perhaps you no longer feel understood by friends and family over a certain issue and that your going round in circles ? However well meaning, friends and families are are often too closely attached to the issue – or they are the issue! Either way, the limitations of friends and family to help you overcome certain problems, is that they can’t be objective. Mindful Living Therapies provides independent therapy in a safe space, from a non judgmental perspective. I work with people like you to make the changes and connections they are seeking but don’t know how. Embarking on personal therapy You can look forward to change on your terms, feeling more confident, gaining more clarity, greater certainty, dispelling your anxiety and so much more .

Why Integrative Therapy ?

Integrative therapy is a fusion of therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Person Centred Therapy , Solution Focussed, and Hypnotherapy.

Integrative Therapy allows clients to reap all the benefits of a combined therapeutic approach as opposssed to using one modality that doesn’t match your unique needs. It is not the role of the client to fit in with their therapists modality, but rather for the therapist to adapt to the client. Integrative therapy means the ability to draw on a range of approaches and tailor it to the client resulting in bespoke , personalised therapy.

“When you change the way you look at things ; the things you look at change .” Dr Wayne Dyer

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