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How can hypnotherapy help me?

Research has shown that hypnotherapy can help to alleviate  a range of issues including stress, phobias, and anxiety. Unlike other therapeutic models such as CBT, Hypnotherapy looks at the deeper subconscious reasons that lead us to think and act in certain ways. For example, if a person has a fear of flying , they are likely to accept at a conscious level that flying is statistically the safest mode of travel . However subconsciously they fear flying because of a previous bad flight experience . As a result their subconscious mind floods their concious mind with fear and anxiety resulting into a phobia . This example highlights the pitfalls of soley working at a concious level to address such a fear. Hypnotherapy has the advantage of addressing the underlying issues of a fear and can help to reconcile the subconscious and conscious mind to transcend that fear.

Hypnotherapy can be utilised in establishing new neurological pathways within the brain, replacing outmoded pathways and patterns of behaviour. New pathways helps clients better control of their thoughts, feelings and actions that they are seeking to address.

Hypnotherapy can effectively help a range of issues including :

◙ Anxiety/ panic attacks ◙ Post Traumatic Stress Dsorder ◙ Self confidence ◙ Performance anxietty ◙ Stress

 ◙ Phobias ◙ Insomnia ◙ IBS ◙ Smoking cessation ◙ Emetiphobia (fear of being sick)

What to Expect from a hypnotherapy Session

A hypnotherapy session normally lasts 50 minutes. During the consultation process I will take a case history about your presenting issue, and together we will decide on the target outcome for your treatment. I typically see clients between 3-10 sessions, depending on the nature of the issue. You will be given a short recording to listen to every day as part of your treatment, which will reinforce progress .



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