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About Melody

“We can’t always chose the music life plays for us, but we can chose how we dance to it”

I am a registered Counsellor and hypnotherapist offering one to one therapy in offices in Birmingham and Walsall.
I want to help you get through the maze from
all the difficulties that are currently holding you back from getting you where you want to be.
In collaboration, we can work out what is important to you: where you’ve come from , and where you want to go. Together we can unpack the excess luggage that has been weighing you down, so that you can travel more lightly.

My philosophy
We are all unique individuals – there is no one size fits all therapy. My approach is eclectic blending a range of modalialties from philosophical , Client Centred and Solution Focussed . These approaches are geared towards helping you optimise your own resources , your own inner search engine has the answers – therapy can be a way to find them

My story
A few years ago there was a time when I was in the strong hold of anxiety, and crippling self doubt . Before I re trained as a therapist , I worked in education and in care . My thoughts were compilation of songs on loop playing at the back of my mind including songs such as :
“You’re not good enough”
“What’s the point of it all ?”
“Another fine mess!”
Some of those “songs” were old, some re-mixed and some brand new tracks.

I found it hard to relax, sleep became but a dream. My mind was never in the “now” instead my mind was constantly ahead – not in a constructive planning manner – but rather I was worrying ahead about things that hadn’t even happened!
I was in survival mode: just about keeping my head above water from day to day.
Nothing seemed to change . Eventually I reached a point when I knew enough was enough. I researched therapy profiles, wondering how therapy would or could work for me. Eventually I found a therapist that I thought I could connect with. Through therapy , I was able to see things with renewed perspective . Therapy felt like getting a new prescription for your glasses – suddenly I could see things with greater clarity .
Therapy was the first time I got to hear myself in my own space. There were difficult moments, but with time , I learned why those looped songs kept playing. Through therapy I learned how to see ahead constructively .
Inspired by how therapy helped me, I embarked on re training as a therapist. I wanted to bring my own brand of therapy and “hold space” for clients who had similar struggles that I had gone through.
Therapy helped me rewrite some of those old songs that once plagued me. Some of those old songs randomly replay, but understanding myself better helped me dip into “new songs.”
I now teach hypnotherapy and counselling inspiring new students who are training to be fellow therapists. I truly enjoy teaching students find their own path.
In my spare time I enjoy making handmade vegan , plant based botanical skin care balms and teas made to order on my Etsy shop .

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